Connects a Modbus RTU Master with as many as 2 USB devices


Product Description

Get Your USB Barcode Scanners Connected Directly to Your Modbus RTU Master Device
The 460MRSUSB moves data between up to 2 USB devices like barcode scanners and a Modbus RTU Master device. It’s the perfect tool to tie your USB devices to your Modbus RTU system.

How Do I Use the 460MRSUSB in my application?
Incoming ASCII data from a USB device is mapped directly to registers in your Modbus RTU Master device. You set how often the gateway updates the data in the Master. This update is cyclic, not event based. For event based processing, like most barcode scans, you can map an additional counter that increments whenever a successful message is received from the USB device.

If your device uses delimiters, the 460MRSUSB can be configured to automatically remove the delimiters, no need to deal with the delimiters in your Master. If you need to parse your data, the 460MRSUSB can parse a string of ASCII data in up to 50 segments by delimiter or offset.

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