Connects up to 32 EtherNet/IP Adapters with as many as 32 Modbus RTU Slave devices

Get your EtherNet/IP devices integrated to your legacy Modbus RTU control systems

Connect Legacy Modbus RTU devices to EtherNet/IP Controls

Move a Modbus master into your EtherNet/IP architecture

Easily connect up to 32 Modbus RTU slave devices to an Allen-Bradley PLC

Easily connect legacy Modbus RTU Masters to up to five Allen-Bradley PLCs

Connect Modbus TCP/IP Devices to Modbus RTU Slave Devices

Connect up to 32 Modbus TCP/IP server devices to a Modbus RTU Master

Connect Modbus RTU devices to a ASCII based control or logging systems

Easily Connect up to  32 Modbus RTU Slaves and up to 32 BACnet/IP Servers

Connect Modbus RTU Slaves to BACnet MS/TP Responders

Connect up to 32 Modbus RTU slave devices to a BACnet MS/TP building automation system