The Fastest and Simplest Way to Move ASCII Serial Barcode, Weighscale, and RFID Slave Data to Allen Bradley PLCs

Easily connect serial devices to DF1 based Allen-Bradley PLCs

Easily connect up to 32 BACnet/IP Servers to an ASCII system

Easily connect up to 10 Ethernet TCP/IP devices to up to 32 BACnet/IP Server devices

Easily Connect a BACnet/IP Client to an ASCII Controller

Easily map your legacy PLC data into a BACnet/IP Client

Easily connect ASCII based devices to BACnet/IP via Ethernet TCP/IP

Connects up to 32 EtherNet/IP Adapters with as many as 2 ASCII devices

Easily connect up to 32 BACnet/IP Server devices to an EtherNet/IP network of up to 32 Adapter Devices

Easily Connect BACnet MS/TP Slaves to EtherNet IP Adapters

Connect legacy ASCII control systems and devices to Ethernet/IP PLC’s

The perfect tool to connect Legacy ASCII systems to an Allen-Bradley PLC